In Evolution’s Attic

In Evolution’s Attic

In a handful of multi-million bestselling works published in the 1960s and 1970s, renowned anthropologist, playwright, and screenwriter Robert Ardrey drew attention to the subject of human origins as never before. Renowned for popularizing the Out of Africa Theory, his controversial ideas galvanized a generation of biologists, inspiring work by some of the foremost scientists of our time, including Jane Goodall, E.O. Wilson, and Rick Potts. In each of his books, Ardrey’s eloquent words were paired with the exquisite illustrations of his wife Berdine Ardrey.

In Evolution’s Attic collects the most enduring images and words of Berdine and Robert Ardrey in a limited fine press edition of 50 copies. Each image has been fully restored and printed on letterpress, giving definition to the elegant detail of the artist’s hand. Wrapped in antique green buckram cloth over boards, each volume was bound by hand at the North Bennet Street School, Boston’s oldest trade school, under the supervision of master bookbinder Jeff Altepeter.

Book Details: 8″ Square Volume. 48 Pages. Green buckram cloth over boards. Letterpress printed, Polymer on Rives BFK.

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